EXPERTEX fabric covering film

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EXPERTEX is a light and tear-resistant polyester fabric film. Since the manufacturer is certified according to ISO 9001 & EN 9100, this guarantees a high quality level of his product.

Since EXPERTEX has a good heat seal coating, an additional pre-treatment with adhesive varnish is not necessary on the model. Thanks to the high adhesive strength, the fabric film will not come off even after years if used correctly. This means that there are no wrinkles on the EXPERTEX even in the sun. If you still have doubts about the adhesive power, you can also use the Balsaloc for pretreatment.

EXPERTEX is applied with an iron at a temperature of 100 - 180°, whichcorresponds to the setting of chemical fiber (1 point) to silk / cotton (2 to 2 1/2 points) on a household iron. In this temperature range, the degree of shrinkage can be adjusted as required, so that it can be processed well and also effortlessly drawn around the edge sheet.

EXPERTEX has a white-transparent look, but can be painted directly with all common colors if hardening lacquers such as 2-component lacquers are used 30% elasticizer must be added. For Old-timer aircraft the EXPERTEX can be colored well with wood preservation glazes, for example V33. So practically any antique look can be made.

The white-transparent EXPERTEX has a width of 735 mm and a weight of 86 g/m²


For during stringing the Klemm L 25d is a 10m roll needed. For the Fly Baby, the Stampe SV 4B and the Fly Baby Biplane 20m roll needed.

The packing unit is a 10m roll.

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