Gear box for ZG 62

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With the manufactured from high quality aluminum gearbox of ZG 62 runs in conjunction with the flywheel very quiet and low Vibration. The reduction ratio of 2.5:1 he turns a 34x20 "wooden propeller at 2900 rev / min. The idle speed is 800 rev / min. amounts. In conjunction with a stainless steel muffler and an inlet manifold fitted, one obtains a very powerful and very quiet drive. If more power is needed, you can operate the ZG 62 with gear with a resonance tube. How to reach our manufactured specifically for the gearbox laminated wood prop a propeller speed of 3250 rev / min which corresponds to a static thrust of 21 kg. This means that even more models with 36 kg safely move through the air. It is also very compact because the length is from the motor mount to the propeller driver only 205 mm. The distance from crankshaft center to center transmission shaft is only 80 mm. The gearbox weighs 2,160 g and with ZG 62 (without silencer) 4,150 g. Also the gearbox has proven its reliability in many model airplanes for over 15 years demonstrated.

The gearbox is mounted to the propeller shaft on the crankcase, so it is ideally suited for installation in in-line engine cowl. The gear unit is supplied pre-assembled.


The packing unit is 1 pieces.

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